Using object storage as a backup target
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Korea NCloud(With Naver)

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Dear Team.
I'm Lion from GIT.

Good day.

discussion topic : Public Cloud CSP Object Storage support company additional registration request
CASE Number : 05525041

The Korean government is providing support to domestic cloud companies.
There are likely to be many situations in which cloud data SOBR is required in public institutions.

Naver Cloud supports the AWS S3 API method, and I completed the Naver Cloud Object Storage test by registering AWS S3 Object Storage at VEEAM B&R.

I pray for the development of VEEAM and ask for help to use VEEAM B&R a lot in the domestic market through functional improvement.

What more do I need to do here to make a request for improvement with the above?
[Demo - Video] ... 945c7ef694 ... 945c7ef694
Thanks for your support.
Best Regards,

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Re: Korea NCloud(With Naver)

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Am I correct in assuming that the said object storage works correctly, when added as S3 compatible object storage repository, and the only thing you are asking for is a new icon specific for it (or new string in object storage dashboard)? Thanks!

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