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Linux kernel version issues on AWS

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I am having a problem restoring a VM on AWS.
I successfully run the backup from Veeam of a Debian 8 VM (Kernell Version 5.18.0-4-amd64). However, when I restore from Veeam (of the object stored in the Capacity Tier) after creating the snapshot, when importing the VM, I receive the following error:

Error Importing VM Error: Failed to import machine to Amazon EC2: ClientError: Unsupported kernel version 5.18.0-4-amd64

Initially, the VM had Kernel 4.19 but I upgraded to the latest version thinking that the problem was that I was working with a very old kernel.

Is it possible that AWS only supports a specific kernel?

From already thank you very much

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Re: Linux kernel version issues on AWS

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Hello Horacio,

I am afraid it is not supported by AWS, see this link.


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