Using object storage as a backup target
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Local storage and SOBR

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I'm working on configuring a SOBR with Wasabi, and I need a little help understanding local retention. Local storage is limited - I can get maybe 5 restore points before the HDD starts to get full. I want to keep 90 days of backups in Wasabi, so I'd set the retention to 90 days in the backup job. In capacity tier, using a combination of copy + move set to 5 days would move anything older than 5 days to Wasabi while retaining 5 local backups, right? This would require the backup to be sealed? Would a synthetic full every 5 days accomplish this with forever forward? Would I need to use reverse incremental instead? I don't quite have the room for two full backups, so I can't do an active full.

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Re: Local storage and SOBR

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Hi Eric,

You may use reversed incremental mode if you don't have enough space for two full backups. All rollback files starting from the third one are considered as inactive chain, you can find the example on this page.


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