Using object storage as a backup target
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Looking for ideas of one time backup to s3 of a local volume

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hey VBR forum.

My situation like this, we have a relativity big volume of "archived" contents that I want to upload to aws s3 and then archive it in glacier, I don't want to keep a local backup copy.
The point is this is more of less a one time operation, once it is up there, that's it, I want ONE copy in glacier and all the rest gone.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for this request? I'm on VBR 11 not ready to move to VBR 12 yet (maybe in a couple of months)
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Re: Looking for ideas of one time backup to s3 of a local volume

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There are multiple ways to achieve this, from simpler to more elaborate.

The simplest way I can think of is to do a VeeamZIP of the VM, use Cyberduck or any other S3 Client to upload it to the bucket you want, and then enable the tiering, etc. ... ml?ver=120

A bit more elaborate will be to do will be using ScaleOut Backup Repository, with Capacity Tier and Archive Tier, and use GFS and all on the job, but as you are asking for one copy only, this could be proven tricky, time-consuming, and perhaps not even suitable for your one point needs. ... ation.html

Another more intricate one would be using Amazon Virtual Tape Library, which can be sent to glacier, etc. So you have a full copy to a "tape" that goes to Glacier. It takes quite some time to set up, but very nice for archiving later on if you are into the whole Tape world already. ... guide.html

Maybe there are more ways, which I keen to listen from others. But VeeamZIP and copy it manually is usually a good way to have just that very unique point somewhere else.

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