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Migrating from S3 Standard to S3 Infrequent Access

Post by NTmatter »

I originally set up my capacity tier on S3 Standard, on the assumption that I'd be keeping a single week's retention. Requirements have changed and now I'm looking at keeping data for a longer term, meaning that I won't be hitting the S3 Infrequent Access early deletion fees.

My core question - is there a procedure for demoting my already-uploaded data to Infrequent Access?

Does the "Use infrequent access storage class (may result in additional costs)" checkbox transition existing objects, or does it only affect new blocks?

Alternatively, can I just hit up the AWS console (or CLI) and transition the entire bucket contents to IA? Are there any subfolders (notably for metadata) that I should keep in the S3 Standard class?


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Re: Migrating from S3 Standard to S3 Infrequent Access

Post by Gostev »

I think it worth checking with Amazon support of we can demote the existing bucket to IA class, since this would be the easiest way out. For example, I know that you can enable versioning on the existing bucket via their support (which is not possible via UI). So, they do these sort of things for sure.

Otherwise, I am afraid you would have to use some CLI tool to move all data from your existing bucket to the IA bucket (and this process may incur some costs). After this, point SOBR capacity tier to the new bucket - and you should be good to go.

And no, you don't need to keep anything on S3 standard access.

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