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Monthly backups only immutable in Wasabi capacity tier

Post by edbigfaceuk »

Hi - we want to configure our SOBR using Wasabi as the capacity tier with immutable. We want a retention policy of 7 daily, 4 weekly and 9 monthly (or 31 daily and 9 monthly if better). Our challenge is we want all the backups in Wasabi (using copy/move so we have an off-site copy of them to meet the 3-2-1 rule) with just the monthly backups being immutable. How can this be configured so only the monthly backups are immutable (for 9 months/270 days) - we don't want all the daily or weekly backups to be immutable as they would also be locked for the 270 days and therefore consume a lot more Wasabi storage than required.

Please can you tell me if this can be achieved? I would appreciate your comments/ideas and have some thoughts below:

• The immutable retention period is enabled at the SOBR level so covers all buckets within it.
• Enabling immutable for 270 days means all data written to the capacity tier (Wasabi cloud) would be immutable for 270 days. So even the daily and weekly backups which would mean a massive amount of unnecessary storage is consumed.
• Multiple SOBR’s cannot be assigned to a backup job, so we can’t create one SOBR using the immutable capacity tier just for the monthly backups, and another SOBR using non-immutable for the daily/weekly.

Is there a way to do this using a single SOBR, perhaps with multiple buckets, so only the monthly backups go to immutable storage? Or with a backup copy job to a different immutable SOBR for just the monthly's?

We did think of enabling GFS for the monthly only, meaning the daily/weekly don’t get copied or moved to the cloud. However, this would mean they do not meet the 3-2-1 rule, and the monthly backups would reside locally on non-immutable storage for the 7 days before they would be moved to the immutable capacity tier.

Or is an immutable retention policy of 9 months not recommended for the reasons above?

Thanks, Ed.

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Re: Monthly backups only immutable in Wasabi capacity tier

Post by veremin »

The best option seems to be the following:

- create an additional backup copy with the monthly GFS retention scheme
- create additional SOBR with immutable Capacity Tier
- point the backup copy to the SOBR


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