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moving data from capacity tier to archive tier

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I had the same question and Google brought me here.

How does Veeam actually move the data from "Capacity" to "Archive"? Does it just use Microsoft's APIs to move the data on Microsoft's side, or does it download and re-upload the data?

Would there be any cost difference having the "Capacity" and "Archive" in the same storage account vs a separate account? In other words, would Microsoft charge more moving data from one storage account to another compared to within a single storage account?

I'm also curious how costs would be affected when using "hot" vs "cool" for the Capacity tier. When the data is moved from "Capacity" to "Archive" would there be a significant cost difference moving the data from "cool" > "archive compared with "hot" > "archive"?

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Re: moving data from capacity tier to archive tier

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the data is moved by proxy appliances

I'm not aware of additional costs "per account", but that's something to ask Microsoft (it's their pricing structure).

The cost difference depends on the retention and access pattern you have. If you restore very often, then the costs are higher (especially on cool and archive tier) than if you never restore. In general: the shorter the retention, the more it makes sense to use hot. Cool has minimum retention you pay for 30 days. Archive 180 days. So it really depends on your retention settings and access pattern.

Overall: if you are worried about costs at Azure, then I would look at cheaper alternatives. Wasabi and Backblaze are popular in the Veeam community. Also other object storage providers can be an alternative.

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Re: moving data from capacity tier to archive tier

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It seems that:

* Azure charges you for in-cloud communication happening between different regions: ... age/blobs/
* Azure charges more for reading objects present on Cold Tier: ... age/blobs/

But I agree with Hannes it's better to reach a Microsoft representative with these questions.


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