Using object storage as a backup target
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object storage - real consumption per restore point

Post by mcz »

Hi everybody,

I'm getting warnings regarding my SOBR that the capacity tier runs soon out of space - and the free space is decreasing very quickly. So I wannted to have a look why we're using so much space but I didn't get the answer. On that SOBR there are a lot of VBK's due to the GFS retetion and on the object storage they are deduplicated. That means that I can't really see how much "additional" blocks/space each restore point is using.

Is there a way to figure that out? If not, I'd like to place this as a feature request.


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Re: object storage - real consumption per restore point

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The general information regarding space consumption can be found in the daily SOBR report, as to more detailed data currently we are working on specific Veeam ONE report for which you can leave the feedback here. Thanks!

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