Using object storage as a backup target
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Object storage usage not adding up

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I have a ticket open but its been over 24 hours since i received a response so i am posting here in hopes of discussing. Ticket is 04030248.

I have a backup job running to a sobr that has a copy to wasabi. the job is set to only keep 3 restore points. The customer has about 800gb of used data, but through compression the backup files locally are around 660gb for the full. The initial offload to the cloud took a few days but came back as successfull according to veeam. On the 25th the server rebooted because of a patch window mid offload job. From there things seem to have gone screwy. Basically the issue now is for whatever reason i believe the full was deleted and only incrementals are in the cloud. I am not sure why the full would have been deleted as a result of the offload job being interupted, I am also only assuming that is what took place, i dont see any errors in veeam about the job, but there is a full 660gb listed as pending but doesnt seem to being attempted in the offload.. Is there possibly a setting I could have wrong that would explain this behaivor. Below is the wasabi usage. as you can see I have more deleted data then active data, and at this point neither add up to the correct amount or lead me to believe the object storage copy is valid:

sorry having issues posting the picture but here is the data.

Feb 22nd. Upload running but not finalized: 154gb used, none deleted
Feb 23rd, Upload running but not finalized: 362gb used, none deleted
Feb 24th, 526gb deleted, 345mb active
Feb 25th, 526gb deleted, 150gb active
Feb26th, 676gb deleted, 169gb active
Feb27th, 29gb deleted, 164gb active

these numbers are supposed to represent the total storage i am using, not the storage used for that day. Veeam itself with the exception of the one offload job being interupted seems to report no issues and is humming along uploading large incrementals that are far larger than the local incrementals that are occurring each day.

history of offload job according to veeam report:

feb 22, duration is 57 hours, says sucessfull, but i notice in the report is says 0 bytes, though i witnessed it make its way to 660gb over time.
feb 25 1:58am, size was 4.7gb, it was aborted due to the srver being rebooted duration was 2 hours 11 minutes
feb25 5:58am, transfered 146gb, sucessfull. duration 16 hours
feb25 10:23pm, transfered 193.4gb, sucessfull duration 24 hours
feb26 10:24pm transfered 69.3gb of 621gb, appears to be attempting the full again.

so after reviewing the job logs just now i realize perhaps the full never made it there acoording to veeam. the job came back sucessfull and i believe it transfered everything but the byte count does say 0. At this point its copying incrementals every day up until now, it appears to be doing the full again from a size standpoint.

Can anyone help me explain what happend day 1, and why it waited until now to retry the full? also why would it delete the 526gb of data instead of trying to append/resume it?
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Re: Object storage usage not adding up

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Can you tell me what the restore points are? Did you say 3? If so that’s your issue.
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