Using object storage as a backup target
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On-prem VBR into Azure

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Hi all

for give me for asking this as it seems like a straight forward question but I'm reading conflicting articles so just need some clarification

We have VBR v10 on prem for backup/replicate our Vmware VM's. I was looking at methods for backing up INTO Azure so effectively moving our DR from our current site into Azure. I've looked at Azure tooling but found their backup soln (MABS/MARS) unmanageable or unworkable.

So I was hoping that we could utilise VEEAM! I've been working on setting up a trial of Azure VEEAM backup with the idea of migrating our current socket licensing to universal and pretty much configured AzureVeeam and added the storage as an external repo for VBR -all good.

Following the VEEAM VBR v10 guide it states "You cannot use an external repository as a target for backup or backup copy jobs"

I've then read a couple of articles where guys walk you through doing a Backup Copy into your external (azure) repo! but then I read another article saying you need VEEAM Cloud Connect in Azure - confused!

What I want to know is if you CAN backup/replicate/copy your on prem VM's into either Azure or Azure-Veeam using VBR and Azure Veeam Backup or am I going down the wrong path? I'd have thought it would have been achievable in theory,

Any help appreciated


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Re: On-prem VBR into Azure

Post by HannesK »

there seems to be some confusion about wording... there is "external repository" that can only be used by "Veeam Backup for Azure" and "Veeam Backup for AWS". As you say that you are using "Veeam Backup & Replication", you have no use case for the "external repository" (it's three different products)

If you mean "Azure Blob" with "Azure", then the way to go is capacity tier. It can copy and move data to Azure blob: ... -mode.html ... ml?ver=100

The second way is that you run a VM in Azure, that is hosting the repository role. That works the same like if you have a second repository on-prem. ... ml?ver=100

Cloud Connect running in Azure can be used. But that requires a service provider who runs Cloud Connect for you (well, or you talk to your local sales). I guess "Azure blob" is the way you like to go.

Best regards,

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Re: On-prem VBR into Azure

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Hello HannesK,
If as Bsalde says you have an on-prem B&R server with capacity tier in Azure Blob, but you need to restore some VM directly to Azure (for some reasons), will you need a "Veeam Backup for Azure" instance deployed in order to restore from Blob to Azure ?? (without the need to download from Blob to on-prem and then upload to Azure) ?
Thanks !!

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Re: On-prem VBR into Azure

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You will not be able to use VB for Azure here however you can deploy a VBR in Azure and re-add the blob storage to it to perform the restore.
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