Using object storage as a backup target
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Performance tier not moving backups to capacity tier.

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Hello :D ,

I am trying to keep the most recent backup in the performance tier, but move every other backup to the capacity tier. I am finding that they are just getting copied to the capacity tier and not moved, but I do not have the copy option checked, only the move is checked. Both the metadata and data blocks are not being removed and staying in the performance tier. Is there more to this that I am missing?


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Re: Performance tier not moving backups to capacity tier.

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Hi Richie and Welcome to Veeam R&D Forums!

First of all, Move policy offloads backups that belong to inactive chain only. If you want to have the most recent state of data on the Capacity Tier, you need to enable Copy policy. However, it seems strange that some backups have been copied despite the corresponding option is disabled. May I ask you to double check which options are selected at this step of SOBR settings?


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