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Problem of purging points in scale-out repository

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I've opened the Case #05641212 quite a couple of days ago, but i still have no answer.

My problem is the following one:

We have found some PRs inside a local repository (which is part of a scale-out that has its capacity tier in an Azure s3) that Veeam does not recognize, and they are taking up a lot of space for us (in fact, last night it was impossible to do part of the planned backups).

My question is, how should we deal with this case? I would like to be able to rescan the Performance Tier repositories from Scale-Out, but renaming the vbm file does not work (it does not create a new vbm that can catalog these points) and considering that we have linked backups on the s3, I am afraid to do a "Remove from configuration" on the local repository and that the link between the Performance Tier and Capacity Tier backups could be "lost".

As an additional complication, all those backups that exist in the Performance Tier, but that Veeam does not see, are available in the Object Storage (Imported) section. I am not very sure about why if Performance Tier is not able to see the points, they are listed as Imported in the Object Storage section.

What would be the correct procedure to act in this case? I start from the premise that the points should be visible to Veeam and that Veeam should purge them, and not me deleting them manually.

Thank you in advance, and best regards

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Re: Problem of purging points in scale-out repository

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The situation with the leftover points does not look expected, so you should continue working with the support team. Since you didn't get a response in four days, it might be time to escalate the ticket using the "Talk to manager" form in the support portal. Thanks!

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