Using object storage as a backup target
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Recovery of Corrupted Server and Object Storage

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Hi there,

I have recently had an issue where we have attempted to recover a corrupted, non booting VM using full backups from object storage.

Due to the fact that object storage uses existing on prem backup data to minimize the amount of download data we kept running into the situation where the exiting on prem data is causing the recovery to still be corrupted. Is there a way to only use the object copy of the full backup without referring to the existing on prem data?

We are trying to fully download the VM from the object storage at this stage and then recover from this to see if this is any more successful.

Would this work, or is there another process to make Veeam only use the data in the cloud and ignore any on prem backup information?

Many Thanks,
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Re: Recovery of Corrupted Server and Object Storage

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Since the hybrid restore process will only reuse on-prem backup blocks with matching hashes, what you are trying to do will make no difference. Unless I misunderstood you, and your on-prem repository has its backups damaged by storage-level corruption.

Otherwise, most likely all your backups simply contain already corrupted VM state.

Having said that, you can achieve what you want quite easily. If you create the new temporary SOBR and attach your object storage bucket there, then restores from imported backups will be served from the cloud, since there will be no local backups in that new SOBR at all.

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