Using object storage as a backup target
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Hey All,

Currently we have a SOBR with a local ReFS performance tier and a capacity tier in Wasabi. We would like to be able to run GFS backups as well and only store them locally (taking advantage of local dedupe), rather then having them transferred to the capacity tier in Wasabi where they will need to be hydrated and store in full size. Meaning only the 7 days of incrementals would be stored in Wasabi, in the event we lose local backup or require an immutable copy.

Ideally with the following retention:

7 Days Incrementals
4 Weeks
6 Months
1 Year

Is such a configuration possible?

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Re: ReFS SOBR with GFS

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and welcome to the forums.
where they will need to be hydrated and store in full size
where did you find that information? I'm asking, because it's wrong and I would like to change wherever that is written.

The configuration you ask for is possible in V12 (with a backup copy job without capacity tier), but not in V11.

Best regards,

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