Using object storage as a backup target
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Removing backups on SOBR with Immutability

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I setup a test backup job to do some testing with and no longer need the backups it generated. This backed up to a SOBR and uploaded to capacity tier with immutability enabled for 30days.

The backup job has been deleted and the backups now show as orphaned in both performance and capacity tier.

If I delete them off the performance tier will they get removed from capacity tier in 30 days or will it generate a bunch of error because it cannot remove them?

Also wondering if there is anywhere in the VBR console that shows the current immutability expiry date for a backup.
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Re: Removing backups on SOBR with Immutability

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correct, it cannot be removed and will generate errors. I recommend waiting for 40 days (assuming that you did your tests in one day). 30 days is a minimum immutable time... for cost optimization, there are added up to 10 days per default (see FAQ).

No, the immutable date is not shown in the VBR console. It's a valid feature request though. 👍

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