Using object storage as a backup target
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Restore backups that are offloaded to the capacity tier from another Veeam server

Post by StefanNL »


We are looking into a way to sunset a Veeam environment but we want to be able to restore old yearly backups.
These yearly backups are now in a SOBR in the performance tier on ReFS, there are a lot of them, 100's of TB's worth of data.
I was thinking, can I add a capacity tier to the SOBR, set it to only tier the yearlies to the capacity tier and then attach the capacity tier to another clean install of Veeam to restore them from that fresh install after something like an import/scan of the capacity tier?

This Veeam blog post: ... ility.html
States : "each copy full self described and recoverable"

That makes me think this might work, would it? If so how would I go about this? And if not, what would be the closest/best alternative to this?
I can't find how this would work in the Veeam documentation but I'm sure I have not looked in the right places.
We don't want to keep our 600TB ReFS storage environment running for many more years.


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Re: Restore backups that are offloaded to the capacity tier from another Veeam server

Post by HannesK »

yes, import from object storage would work. The backups are self-sufficient.

Setting the "move" to the appropriate time, should do what you ask for (yearly backups only to object storage).

When you need to restore from the other installation, then there are two ways:
1) create object storage and import data. (read-only access)
2) create SOBR again + object storage (that allows write-access)

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