Using object storage as a backup target
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Restoring from S3

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I am evaluating veeam and was wondering if someone could help me understand the external repository a little better.
My goal is to be able to restore from "external Repositories" from a second location for DR purposes.

So far I've been unable to add the external repository to the second site. I am able to connect to S3 but I am unable to see any folder in my bucket.

However I was able to add my S3 repository under "add Backup Repository" -> "Object storage" but there is no where for me to restore anything? What is the purpose of adding this object storage repository?
Do I have to restore my entire veeam configuration to access my S3 files?

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Re: Restoring from S3

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External repositories are designed to enable integration with yet to be released Veeam offering, so you can't use them today yet.

Adding your S3 repository under "Add Backup Repository" -> "Object storage" is the correct way to do it. If as a next step, you should add this object storage to scale-out backup repository (SOBR) Capacity Tier, and perform SOBR rescan, you will be able to perform restore from your backups from the clean Veeam server in the secondary location.

Since there are probably at least 3 separate threads in this subforum discussing this topic in great details already - even including scripts to automate backup import - I will be locking this thread as duplicate (next time, kindly please search the forum before creating new topics).


P.S. This process will be even more streamlined in v10 with no need to create and rescan "temporary" SOBR.

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