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S3 cloud providers in Australia

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We have been using Veeam with Wasabi, and it has worked fine. However, due to some type of sovereignty requirements we require storage based in Australia (which Wasabi doesn't yet have). Specifically, we're after a Veeam-ready S3 provider that supports immutability that has a DC in Australia for the data to be stored in. We require around 20TB of storage.
I have sought pricing from Cloudian. They took 3 weeks to reply, and the quote came to a minimum of $80k per year (minimum of 96TB). A bit much to swallow when we are currently paying probably less than $2k per year.
R-stor seems to be another option, but just a bit concerned that there's not much discussion of them on the Internet, and it sounds like they are only a more recent entry in the market.
Amazon is the other option. Will cost around 10x more than Wasabi based on my rough calculations, but may have to be the way to go.
If anyone has any other suggestions/recommendations, that would be much appreciated.

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Re: S3 cloud providers in Australia

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Vultr, OVH, Linode and Alibaba apparently have S3 compatible Sydney POP's. For what it's worth, we use AWS S3 in Sydney and it's great.

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