Using object storage as a backup target
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S3 Default Storage Class

Post by adamvb »

With the AWS S3 integration you can choose to tick the "infrequent" box for the storage class.

When using the general S3 Integration there is no such box.

This wouldn't be an issue, you can just set the default storage class in your S3 Bucket.

But, the issue is that veeam always sends the
header when uploading objects. This overrides whatever default is set in the bucket.

Unfortunately I see no option to remove this header or am I missing something?

Theoretically it would be better if veeam did not send any storage class header at all, then the bucket default would go into effect.
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Re: S3 Default Storage Class

Post by sfirmes »

@adamvb we use the standard class in the header to enforce the use of that storage class. Other storage classes could be too slow and that is why we specify standard.

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