Using object storage as a backup target
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Scale out repo (S3) require on-site full backup?

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Hi all -

I have a situation where I really want to send like 20 - 30TB of VMs to S3 via Veeam backup. However, other systems I have used require the full backup (initial) be on-prem and only incrementals go up to S3. Problem is this client wants the full backup, in fact, a one-time backup, sent to S3 storage for long term retention.

Is this possible? If I set the scale out repo to S3 for capacity and set it to 1 day will it move ALL backup instances up there or just incrementals that meet the age requirement?

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Re: Scale out repo (S3) require on-site full backup?

Post by Gostev »

Hello, it will move the entire backup chains (fulls and increments if present) where last restore point in the incremental chain is older than 1 day. However, the latest (currently active) incremental backup chain cannot be moved. Thanks!
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