Using object storage as a backup target
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Settings for Dell Data Domain + Wasabi

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Hello. I currently use VEEAM forever forward incrementals to backup several servers which are a mixture of physical machines and VMs (current retention: 7 days for each sever). Right now, I am using approx 30% of the space on my local DD3300. I recently converted to a SOBR (same local Dell DD3300 + Wasabi) and am wanting to take advantage of the extra storage and immutability via Wasabi. I have confirmed with Wasabi that I will be paying for the minimum of 30 days. Therefore, I am trying to plan how to maximum the retention ... If I am paying for 30 days, then why not keep more than 7 days ... however, I do not have enough space for 30 days worth of backups for each server on the performance tier. So I know you can move timed-out (sealed) backup chains off which would mean no more forever forward incrementals, but I am still confused on how to set the retention as well as the immutability. I mean I know where to set this but don't know what to set them to in order to maximize the storage I have locally and what I will be paying for via Wasabi. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Settings for Dell Data Domain + Wasabi

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For your use-case: at least weekly synthetic fulls in the backup job settings + move after X days in the SOBR settings. Synthetic fulls don't cost space, just some time.

Immutability is set in the object storage settings

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PS: the recommended architecture for Veeam is dumb disk storage as primary backup target and inline data deduplication appliances only as backup copy target (for restore performance reasons)

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