Using object storage as a backup target
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SOBR and Cloud Offload, selecting more than one gateway

Post by Matt@Work »

This is just really thinking out loud. If I have three veeam proxies with attached volumes for storing backup data, in a SOBR along with a cloud repo, when configuring it, I have to select a gateway server. As its a drop down, I can only select 1. Does this cause any sort of performance issue, would it be better if I could select all three proxies as the gateway's for the cloud offload? If I deselect the gateway, does this then mean all 3 are used anyway?

Apologies if a stupid question, I'm just looking at our setup and looking at ways to eek out a bit more performance.

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Re: SOBR and Cloud Offload, selecting more than one gateway

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Hi Matt,

Basically, I wouldn't expect any performance issues as the gateway server just proxies the access to the object storage system. On the other hand, the best way to answer this question is to test it in your environment. If gateway server is not specified, data will be transferred to the object storage directly from the scale-out backup repository extents.


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