Using object storage as a backup target
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SOBR empty S3 Bucket

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I have a SOBR that pushed about 4TB of Veeam backups to S3 and left a bunch of stub files on-prem. Most of these are GFS Monthly and Weekly's that I no longer need. Is it possible to manually delete the files without messing up the main backup chain and is it possible to re-hydrate all of those files back to the performance extent? If I put the S3 bucket in maintenance mode there isn't an evacuate backups option like there is with performance tier extents.
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Re: SOBR empty S3 Bucket

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If you delete these stub files manually outside Veeam UI, they will be automatically re-created with the data from Capacity Tier upon the next SOBR re-scan. Consider this a self-healing :D

It is certainly possible to download to re-hydrate all of those files back to the performance extent. You can find the corresponding option in the Backup Properties dialog. This is also the dialog you want to perform backup file deletions from, to make sure they are registered with Veeam.
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