Using object storage as a backup target
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SOBR extracting backups for DR testing

Post by aich365 »

Case # 03557536
We currently copy files from our standard repository to another location (DR_Repo) and connect this DR_Repo location to our DR infrastructure.
On the DR Infrastructure we have a Veeam server with the customers config so we can retrieve and restore the copied files and test the customer's backups.
Often the customer visits our premises to carry out the testing themselves.

My understanding is when a SOBR is installed Veeam handles the file location on the extents. How can we find the Customer's backup files on the SOBR so we can copy these to ur DR_Repo?

Also when seeding a job how is this imported into SOBR?

I have checked the FAQ as advised by support and also read the "Deep Dive White Paper" neither of which were helpful for these particular queries.

Many thanks
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Re: SOBR extracting backups for DR testing

Post by ejenner »

It's just my personal opinion but SOBR is going to scatter data potentially. If you have it set up so you're trying to put more into a repository than there is space it will start writing files to other repositories. I tried SOBR with our repositories but ended up in a lot of trouble and had to recreate all our backups from scratch. It is just my personal view, other people might see more potential in SOBR but I prefer, for many reasons... to keep my repositories under my control and manually specify in each case where I want a backup job to write files to.

The only advantage I'm aware of with SOBR is that it has the potential in unusual circumstances to help a backup to complete by writing an increment to a different repository if the repository where the other files in the chain runs out of space. But if you're checking your repositories and planning your backups properly then this functionality isn't going to cut in very often.

I think if I were serving customers I would initially design my setup for each customer to have their own repository. That could be a folder within a disk system which has many customers on it, but isolating customer data would be important to me I think.
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Re: SOBR extracting backups for DR testing

Post by jmmarton »

From the support case it looks like you're using Cloud Connect. Please use the VCSP forum for this question as you will likely get a better answer there.

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