Using object storage as a backup target
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SOBR rescan never completes

Post by ctg49 »

Having an issue that I'm hoping someone has solved for me.

We've got a SOBR built, with an s3-compatible repository on it which we're offloading jobs to. At some point during a huge amount of data migrations something got screwy between the local and cloud repositories. As a result, whenever I do a SOBR rescan, it sits there for hours never completing the scan of the cloud repository (local ones complete fine). Logs seem to indicate it's 'doing stuff', and there's a local folder, C:\Windows\Temp\VeeamBackupTemp, which continually fills with files ranging from a few MB to a few GB. This continues until it fills the C: drive which would presumably cause an OS crash (I interrupted it before that happened last time, via restarting the VEEAM Data Mover service).

As of right now, I can't offload anything to the capacity tier (local index not synchronized), nor can I scan to fix that.

Support case open, #03579056

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Re: SOBR rescan never completes

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Unfortunately this sort of issue requires deep log analysis which cannot be done through forum correspondence. So, keep working with your support engineer on it. Thanks!

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