Using object storage as a backup target
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SOBR S3 - Access from multiple VBR instances; copy it or read only policy?

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Hey all, looking to solve an interesting problem.

We are using a single SOBR with S3 capacity to do immediate tiering of backups to AWS. We'd like to test recovery in AWS using a newly provisioned Veeam instance, but if we stand up another VBR instance the word I'm getting from our Veeam engineer is that it's not supported to have 2 separate VBR instances using the same S3 bucket and folder for 2 different SOBRs.

So a few questions:
Is this jiving with what you guys know?
Should a copy of the folder in the S3 bucket be enough? Just copy the S3 folder, use it to test restores in AWS and move forward?

I was hoping for a more elegant solution, such as create a user/IAM policy that has read only permissions to the bucket (since we're only testing restores) and see if it works, would save me a painful copy of an immutable bucket, which is a pain to delete as is. Curious if any of you have dealt with this.

Big picture: SOBR --> AWS, somehow test restores IN AWS with a newly built VBR instance


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Re: SOBR S3 - Access from multiple VBR instances; copy it or read only policy?

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and welcome to the forums.

The easiest way is to import the bucket. No second SOBR for the DR test VBR. On the second VBR server, add the object storage as repository and "import". That's supported.

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