Using object storage as a backup target
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SOBR - Using existing repo as performance repo

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Hi all,

Currently have existing backup copy jobs going to a HP store once which is getting low on space. This repository is only used for these jobs, obviously don't want to lose/remove any files.

We're looking at ways to mitigate the space issue and are looking in to creating a SOBR.

I've created the Azure blob repository which we will use for the capacity tier.

If we set the store once as the performance tier, will it keep all the existing files (ignoring backup placement policy moving files) and point the existing backup copy jobs to the now new SOBR?

From a restore perspective is there any difference? i.e. if we needed to restore a file or vm from a point that was on the capacity tier is it still just a case of restore > vsphere > restore from backup and select job/point?


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Re: SOBR - Using existing repo as performance repo

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Hi Jon,

Welcome to Veeam Community Forums and thanks for posting your questions!

First of all, I'd recommend you to go through the Capacity Tier documentation - it should answer most of your questions. Please also note SOBR limitations.

Now, to the details. Yes, you may use your StoreOnce as a Performance Tier and offload old backups to Capacity Tier according to the Operational Restore Window. SOBR creation does not affect your files nor Backup Copy jobs. Once SOBR creation is accomplished, Backup Copy jobs will keep transferring backups, but to your fresh SOBR.

No, the recovery from Capacity Tier procedure does not differ from the common recovery.

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Re: SOBR - Using existing repo as performance repo

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Keep in mind that in this scenario Capacity Tier may not free up as much space as you'd expect. Even though older backup files (restore points) may be "moved," a single set of underlying blocks of data may be referenced by the same set of backup files. This is the nature of dedupe appliances. So even though the blocks are copied to Azure Blob and you'll see the restore points are no longer in the performance tier, the underlying blocks of data could still be on the StoreOnce.

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