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Timeout of 14440 sec creating snapshot on AWS EC2

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My case is: #03561014

Im using scale-out repositories to maintain a copy in S3 to restore to EC2 in case of Disaster Recovery.

4 of 5 servers are restored to EC2 without problem, but the last one every time i launch the restoration, veeam return the following error:

Restore to EC2 - Error: Timed out waiting for AWS EC2 snapshot-snap-id... to enter state['Completed'] (timeout: 14400 sec)

Reviewing the logs i can see the following:

Code: Select all

[06.12.2019 02:32:39] <15> Error Timed out waiting for AWS EC2 snapshot snap-033a524fd45d38bec to enter state ['Completed'] (timeout: 14400 sec) (System.Exception) 
[06.12.2019 02:32:39] <15> Error in Veeam.Backup.AmazonAPI.CAwsStateAwaiter.WaitSnapshotOrThrow(IAwsInfrastructure infrastructure, String snapshotId, TimeSpan timeout, IStopSessionSync sync, EAwsSnapshotState[] states) 
[06.12.2019 02:32:39] <15> Error in Veeam.Backup.Core.CAmazonProxySnapImporter.CreateSnapshot(IAmazonObjectHolder volumeHolder) 
I can confirm the Amazon EC2 doesnt cause the problem with the time, because i finished the task in veeam and the instance of proxy appliance when snapshot is in process to creation, by the way amazon took 5 hours and 12 minutes creating the snapshot.

So my problem is, no matter how, if the snapshot creation if is not finished in 4 hours or less the task fail and all volumes and snapshot are deleted.

Is any way to add a custom time as special key in the regedit o something in configuration to avoid the 14400 timeout?
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Re: Timeout of 14440 sec creating snapshot on AWS EC2

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Brief check has not showed any regkey available.

Anyway, the recommended approach here is to keep working with support team, as this issue requires deep log investigation and environment confirmation which are impossible via forum correspondence.

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