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Unable to add Azure Blob storage to Veeam B&R

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I was hoping to see if anyone has experienced this problem before where when trying to add the azure blob storage account in veeam console, you get the error "No such host is known; Agent failed to process method {Network.RetrieveSslCertificate}" I did open a ticket with veeam support and they were not able to help. We are sitting behind a proxy but the proxy team claims that they do not see any issues. I am able to reach the blob storage account using azure storage explorer from the same server once proxy is configured.\n (EInt32) Port = 443\n}\n'
[23.07.2020 11:54:54] <06> Info [AP] (404d) output: <VCPCommandResult result="false" exception="resolve: No such host is known&#x0A;Agent failed to process method {Network.RetrieveSslCertificate}." />

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Re: Unable to add Azure Blob storage to Veeam B&R

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Hi Sami.

Can we get a support ticket ID, please, as requested when you click New Topic. There's little we can do without one.

Anyhow, the error message you see means that Veeam can’t verify the Azure Blob certificate. The most common reasons for that: a DNS resolution problem or some proxy firewall or load balancer prevents Veeam from access to the certificate verification endpoints:
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Certificate verification endpoints (CRL URLs and OCSP servers) are subject to change. The actual list of addresses can be found in the certificate itself - You can do a simple test – open azure blob in a browser from the Veeam server and click on the certificate and check the certification path – you must be able to connect to any CA in the list. If you are not able to do this – please contact your network administrator for assistance.


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