Using object storage as a backup target
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Use Azure Blob for Monthly Archiving of Scale Out Backups

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Hi Team,

Currently we have Veeam backups set in a 3-2-1 methodology.
-We have daily backups of all servers running incrementally, that keeps 14 restore points
-We then have backup copy jobs that move the data from our daily storage to our slower, scale-out repository with a 4 week retention, that keeps 4x weekly backups for archival purposes - It then appears to remove the oldest on the 5th week, always keeping 4 weeks.
-We then take 1x monthly backup at the start of each month to tape.

What I am looking to do is replace this monthly tape backup with the Azure Blob.

I have set up our Azure Blob as a backup repository and added it to our current scale-out policy. I can manually move older backups to the Azure Blob, or I can set up a policy to move backups that are older than 25 days for example. These work as expected. However I do not want the 3 other weeklies to be included in this - I only want 1x restore point per month.
-I essentially only want to copy 1 of these 4 weekly backups and then keep them in Azure "forever".
-Do I need to create a brand new retention job, that only takes monthlies, and set the policy to move backups that are 0 days old.

Do you have any workflow changes, new jobs to be set up, or other suggestions for me?

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Re: Use Azure Blob for Monthly Archiving of Scale Out Backups

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and welcome to the forums.

I would go with 999 monthly backups on your BCJ configuration. It's not forever, but at least 83 years :-)

And maybe adjust the 25 move to 30 days move.

Best regards,
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