Using object storage as a backup target
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Veeam 11 S3 object storage doesn't show as a repository

Post by klister »

I have followed the instructions to add an Object Storage Repository for S3 and it appears succesful. It shows up in my backup infrastructure along with my on-prem default repository. When I follow the instructions to Create a Backup Copy Job, the S3 storage doesn't appear in the backup repository dropdown.
I am still using a trial license so don't know if this is a limitation or if I'm misunderstanding or doing something wrong.

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Re: Veeam 11 S3 object storage doesn't show as a repository

Post by Mildur »

You need to create a Scale Out Backup Repository after adding the S3 Object Storage. The S3 Object Storage will be your „capacity Tier“ in the SOBR.

Backups target to the SOBR will go first to your performance tier (some local backup repository). After that, backups will be moved (inactive backup chains) or copied (as soon they are created on the performance tier) to the capacity tier. This depends on how you configure the policy in the SOBR wizard.

Direct Backup to S3 is not possible yet. ... ml?ver=110

You will configure the capacity tier in this step: ... ml?ver=110
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