Using object storage as a backup target
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Veeam Cannot Backups in Object Storage

Post by sarapinho »

Hey guys,

Recently I have seen that when I ask Veeam to delete some backups that are in the capacity tier it is not deleted, these backups are already in immutability and etc...

Detail that this happens with at least two object storage aws s3 and zadara.

Has anyone ever experienced this?
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Re: Veeam Cannot Backups in Object Storage

Post by Mildur »


If the backups are still immutable, you can‘t delete the backups.
May be you can open a support case with our support team and describe them what should work in your case.
Don‘t forget to upload your debug logs. That helps checking why the backups couldn‘t be deleted.
Please post the case number for our reference.

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Re: Veeam Cannot Backups in Object Storage

Post by veremin »

I wonder whether the "Make recent backup immutable" checkbox is ticked in the object storage repository settings. Thanks!
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