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Veeam "cleaning up storage blocks in archive" loop?

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Case #04899650
For several weeks now I have had issues with VMs getting stuck doing this "Cleaning up storage blocks in archive" task when being copied to S3. These sit at 99% complete for several hours (15+ hours). These seem to take from my available connections set on my S3 repository, causing several other jobs to sit "waiting on repository resources". My case was escalated to the next tier late last week but I just wondered if anyone else was experiencing this behavior, which seems to have started 1 month after upgrading to Veeam 11. (Wondering if 30 day retention is coming into play here?)
We use 2 SOBRs, both with immediate copy to object storage plus a move after 7 or 14 days (depending on SOBR). We do forever forward incremental with synthetic fulls weekly. We use an ReFS performance tier and Wasabi object storage.

Logs on the gateway look like this (repo info was removed) over and over:
Cleaning up storage blocks in archive


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Re: Veeam "cleaning up storage blocks in archive" loop?

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Hi, Ericca,

Welcome to Veeam R&D Forums. I've removed logs snippets, as posting logs is prohibited by forums rules.

For now let's wait and see what support engineer finds after initial investigation.


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