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Veeam Update 4 Capacity Tier Query

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Good morning everyone, this is my first post so my apologies if I have put this in the wrong place.

This is more of a hypothetical question in regards to the configuration of the capacity tier in the new update 4. I am doing some testing for our clients but I am having trouble getting this to run as expected, or at least as I would expect it based on the documentation.

The set up:

Server 2016 Core
1 Veeam B&R server running 9.5 update 4 on Server 2016
Two 2016 test servers, no specific applications.

I have created an Azure Blob Storage entity with two folders. I have two local repositories on a local drive on my B&R test machine. Through this I have created two Scale Out Repositories, the first where the performance tier is the first local repository and the capacity tier is the first Blob Storage folder. As you may expect the second Scale Out Repository has the Performance Tier as the second local repository and the Capacity Tier as the second Blob Storage folder.

The capacity settings for the two Scale Out repositories are the same at 0 days.

From what I understand this should mean when the 4 hour window comes round it should identify the most recent backup chain and move this to the capacity tier. However when I look at the offload jobs in my history only one associated job has moved files into that tier despite the other jobs having backups either taken that day or the day before.

I may be misunderstanding the process, and my apologies if I am, I was under the impression that the offload job would look at the backup chain, identify it as valid and then confirm how many backups are older than the amount of days specified (in this case 0). Once that had been completed it would then move this into the capacity tier. So I would expect any backup I take that day, as long as it is in a valid chain, would be moved to the capacity tier.

In regards to the jobs, Scale Out 1 has two jobs associated with it. These jobs have a 7 day and 14 day retention associated with them. Scale Out 2 has 1 job with a 7 day retention.

Apologies for the wall of text, if I have missed something then happy to provide more information.

Thanks to anyone that can help out.

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Re: Veeam Update 4 Capacity Tier Query

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Hey there Derrick and welcome to the Forum. It's better placed in this forum object-storage-f52

However to quickly answer your question, I think your back chains are not sealed. Please have a read here ... l?ver=95u4 to understand the condition that needs to be met for the data to be offloaded.
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