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Unable to create log bundles containing Veeam Agents

Post by markhensler » Mar 01, 2019 10:53 pm

I'm creating this thread at the suggestion of Case #03392663.

We are using Veeam Agent to protect physical servers in our environment. These Veeam Agents are managed from our Veeam B&R server. They have been sorted into Protection Groups, which are members of Backup Jobs. I do not have any issues with our Veeam Agent backups. I only encountered this issue when generating a log bundle for something else.

Whenever I attempt to create a log bundle from a remote Veeam Console (not from the Veeam Console on our Veeam Server) which includes a Backup Job containing a Veeam Agent, the final zip file never makes it to my chosen output directory and I get errors such as the following:

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1/29/2019 6:52:06 PM Warning Logs export completed with some warnings: 'Destination path too long: C:\Windows\TEMP\VeeamLogs_caad1195edb447c48802092af12d1d42\2019-01-29T184533_VeeamBackupLogs\Veeam-Server-01.contoso.local\Backup\Endpoint\Backup\VeeamAgentUserbd71a5c5-218b-9566-3d75-6fdcc0fa3424\JZ-VMW-DC1\DAL10_Windows_Agents_-_jz-vmw-dc1.contoso.local\DAL10_Windows_Agents_-_jz-vmw-dc1.contoso.local.log'
If I use the same wizard options in a Veeam Console running on the Veeam Server, the logs bundle is successfully created and the resulting zip file is deposited into my chosen output directory.

The problem is obvious. The temporary path exceeds the maximum allowed by Windows. But I don't understand why Veeam has structured the temporary path to contain so much information that the length becomes an issue.

Am I alone in experiencing these issues? Does this fail for anyone else?

Does this work for anyone? Can someone confirm that they able to use a remote Veeam Console to successfully create a log bundle containing Veeam Agents?

Support has advised me to use the Veeam Console on the Veeam Server when generating log bundles. That's a reasonable workaround, but I can't imagine that this requirement is by design. Would someone from PD comment? Should I be able to generate log bundles from a remote Veeam Console for backup jobs which include Veeam agents?

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Re: Unable to create log bundles containing Veeam Agents

Post by Gostev » Mar 04, 2019 9:38 pm

Hello! Not much to comment here - looks like a simple bug that needs to be fixed by shortening the predefined path. Thanks for opening a support case, now the issue will be tracked appropriately to its resolution. Thanks!

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