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VBR 9.5 U4 : Agent Backup Jobs/Policies: Server or Workstation?

Post by Nick-SAC » Jun 15, 2019 5:42 pm

When creating a New Agent Backup Job (or Policy as the case may turn out to be) via:
Jobs > Backup > Backup > Windows Computer...

The Job Mode page states...

Specify protected computer type and backup agent management mode.

Managed by Backup Server
Managed by Agent

Managed by Backup Server is not an available option
Managed by Agent


1) Can the ‘Computer type’ Server option be used for what is actually a Workstation (e.g., Win-7 OS) so that it can be Managed by Backup Server?

2) If the ‘Computer type’ Server option is used; does it consume License Instance(s) at a Server or a Workstation ratio?

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Re: VBR 9.5 U4 : Agent Backup Jobs/Policies: Server or Workstation?

Post by HannesK » Jun 17, 2019 5:42 am

I moved your question to the Backup & Replication forum, as it is not Hyper-V specific.

1) yes, you can use the server edition also on workstation operating systems (or vice versa)
2) it consumes server licenses if you choose server. No matter what kind of operating system you use

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