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Hi guys.

I have been writing a powershell script to stop backups in case of a failure of power to a server (if the server goes down in the middle of a backup it sometimes corrupts a job). This way, if the UPS powerfail triggers, it should smoothly clean itself up.

Stopping the backups is easy, but what I want to do next is disable the backup job until we intervene and turn it back on.

I can't for the life of me find a property in any object that lets me toggle the "disable job" setting on the job property sheet.

Is this possible? and if so, which property should I set to false?


Alexey D.

Re: Disabled

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Hello Mark,

Let me consult with our powershell guru, and I will post back the answer.
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Re: Disabled

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I would also be interested in knowing this.

edit: that or the possibility to change the targetdir in a backup job (using powershell of course)

Alexey D.

Re: Disabled

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To disable a job:

Code: Select all

#first get the job object
$bjname = "bj1*"
$oldJob = Get-VBRJob | ? {$_.Name -like $bjname}

#to disable or enable job scheduler just call appropriate method of the job object


#to get the current state of scheduler options use the following method. It return BOOLEAN
About changing backup target folder with PowerShell - this is not implemented in the product right now.
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