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Feature request: Use VBR credentials as function input

Post by mortenr »

Currently, you can retrieve credentials stored in VBR using Get-VBRCredentials. This returns a CCredentials object.

You are then able to provide that as input for functions as New-VBRSureBackupVM on Credential parameter.
But other functions like Restore-VESQLIRDatabase only accepts PSCredential objects for GuestCredentials and SqlCredentials.

It would be preferable, if you could export VBR credentials as PSCredential objects or all VBR functions support CCredentials objects as input.
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Re: Feature request: Use VBR credentials as function input

Post by oleg.feoktistov »

Hello Morten,

Most of the times Powershell is written to correspond the UI logic when it comes to objects we are working with. So, in this case, if you look at the very same step in the SQL Explorer, you see that we require a user to type in username and password in secure string manually and do not prompt him to choose credentials records managed by VBR:
https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=110

The nearest analogue for this was PSCredentials object from Get-Credential. Using CCredentials from Get-VBRCredentials would differ from the approach we have in the UI.

As for your feature request, I think we can discuss internally with the UI team if supporting CCredentials object could be done in Explorers (it should be supported in the UI first). So consider your request noted. Not so sure about conversion function, there can be some security concerns.

Best regards,
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