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Set-VBRRestoreVM Output in PowerShell

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I'm trying to make a website where users can restore their vms. Since the Set-VBRRestoreVM cmdlet uses Write-Progress I can't catch the status of the restore and display it on the website. Is it possible to execute that command with a standard output stream?

Btw, this cmdlet doesn't seem to work when executing in a remote PowerShell session using Enter-PSSession (returns "Set-VBRRestoreVM : TextFromTar failed")
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Re: Set-VBRRestoreVM Output in PowerShell

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Hello, I don't believe you can do this with PowerShell cmdlets (execute them with standard output streams), but it may worth checking on some PowerShell community as there might be workarounds for this.

As far as I know, remote execution is only supported with the newest PowerShell 2.0. Our PowerShell snap-in was designed and released before PowerShell 2.0 became available, so it is quite possible that some new functionality does not work (we did not test against 2.0).
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