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Re: SysAdmin Modular Reporting (SAMReport) for Veeam

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Is this SAMReport still used in Veeam 9?
I don't think so as many things have changed in VeeamPSsnapin since 2012. You might want to contact OP in order to check if there is a more relevant version. If you're looking for a decent reporting tool then Veeam ONE is worth checking. There is also another reporting tool that you might be interested in.

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Re: SysAdmin Modular Reporting (SAMReport) for Veeam

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The below scripts available on Veeam backup server? if yes please provide the script location. if not please provide the entire script.

Veeam_Get-JobStatusSummary.ps1 (Summary of the most recent session for all jobs)
- Veeam_Get-JobStatusDetails.ps1 (Details of the most recent session for all jobs)
- Veeam_Get-BackupStorageStatus.ps1 (Storage data and any alerts for Veeam Backup repositories)
- Veeam_Get-ReplicaStorageStatus.ps1 (Storage data and any alerts for Veeam Replica repositories)
- Veeam_Get-AllUnprotectedVMs.ps1 (Checks vCenter for any machines not protected)
- Veeam_Get-ServicesStatus.ps1 (Checks the current Status of Veeam Services)
- Veeam_Get-LicenseStatus.ps1 (Checks the licensing status and expiration period)
- Veeam_Gent-EventLogs.ps1 (Gathers event logs based on specified queries)
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Re: SysAdmin Modular Reporting (SAMReport) for Veeam

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Hello Krishnababu

Those scripts are unofficial scripts from a community member. They were never included in Veeam Backup & Replication.
You find all information in the first post. But please note, it seems the scripts were last updated 8-9 years ago. I don't expect them still working.

If you want to monitor Veeam Backup & Replication, I can only recommend to have a look at our official product Veeam One:
https://www.veeam.com/virtualization-ma ... ution.html
https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/one/r ... ml?ver=120

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