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Veeam Community Edn Errors with Backup Jobs (Case:04938527)

Post by farrugiaa »

I am new to Veeam.We have a licensed product (managed by the vendor) and a community edition which am trying to manage myself. on the Comm Ednt installation I have a file server backup ( by agent on D:\ Volume Level ) to 2 external USB drives connected to the veeam and are set for rotation. The installation and job configuration was set up by an admin who left. One of the disks had to be cleared of old backups so I formatted the disk. Now backups to it are failing. Some errors include 'Repository is not set' and when I try to apply job configuration I get "Failed to apply job configuration'. I also have a number of instances for this job stuck on running. I tried to clear them using the restart services/clear tasks procedure but this was not successful. Tried recreating the disk as backup repository without effect. The job could not be deleted as there are instances running. I have opened a case with Support. How can I proceed to fix this? Thanks for your help

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Re: Veeam Community Edn Errors with Backup Jobs (Case:04938527)

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Hello! Please note that it is against the licensing policy to run Community Edition side by side with other Veeam Backup & Replication installs in the same environment. Doing so puts you in violation of Veeam EULA. You should correct the situation by asking the vendor to include any additional workloads you want to protect in the installation they are managing, as opposed to trying to protect them with a separate CE installation. Thanks!

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