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DELL/EMC ML3 Tape Compatibility

Post by splumhoff »

Dear all,

for those who thought about which tape library to buy;
We use our DELL EMC ML3 Tape Library with 2 LTO7-Drives (ULT3580-HH7) without any problems since 3 years.
Encryption, Hardware-compression, Tapechanger, everything works like a charm with B&R 11.

The library seems to be a DELL-customized version of an IBM product (IBM 3573-TL), which seems to be the IBM TS4300.

Hope this helps someone of you.

Andreas Neufert
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Re: DELL/EMC ML3 Tape Compatibility

Post by Andreas Neufert »

Thanks for sharing. Both systems are a Quantum OEM in the end.

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Re: DELL/EMC ML3 Tape Compatibility

Post by NightBird »

I think it's most likely IBM OEM like DELL TL1000, TL2000 etc...

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Re: DELL/EMC ML3 Tape Compatibility

Post by skrause »

IBM only makes the actual Drives now (and they may be the only company to actually manufacture LTO drives?), the TS4300 is an IBM re-branded library manufactured by a German company.
Steve Krause
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