Using tape as a backup target
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Monthly Backup with GFS

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Is it possible to find out why, during a backup process via GFS, one of the 4 tapes used was suddenly classified as a monthly backup? Or can this only be done by support after sending in the log files?

Actually, according to the backup job, monthly tapes should only be created on the last Sunday of the month. This was also the case on 29.05. However, during the backup on 5 June, one of the tapes received a corresponding flag.

In addition to normal server backups from our location, the tape job now also includes files from regular backup copy processes from external locations that do not have their own tape library. In the process, an attempt is made to copy the last monthly backup to us from 10 different locations every 6 days in different time loops, with a time window that excludes the times 08-17 hrs from Monday to Friday. When it lands on our side, only the last file updated in our repository is written to tape.

On 29.05. I see in the log of the tape job the message *Synthetic full Tape backup was not created for 22.05.2022: there are no new restore points between 03.05.2022 and 22.05.2022* for all 10 backup copy files. In the backup to tape from 05.06., one of the backup copies then says "Synthetic Full". Apparently, the backup data set seems to be updated in the days between 29.05. and 05.06. But should this cause one of the tapes to receive a different flag?

When I look at the content of the tape, only the backup copies are stored there. But as described at the beginning, I would have assumed that the most recent monthly backup from the external location would end up at our location and would be written to the tape as normal, which is currently being updated at our location. But when there is an update, a monthly tape is automatically created in the actual weekly job? This would mean that if an updated backup copy file lands with us again this week, I can outsource the next monthly tape next Monday..

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Re: Monthly Backup with GFS

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Hi David

If there was an issue on May 29th with writing the monthly backup to tape, veeam will retry to write the backup a week later when the Tape Job runs again. First, it will write the missed monthly backup, then it will write the weekly backups.

Analyzing log files is best done with our support. If you have the feeling something is not right, please open a case and let our support have a look at the logs.

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