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Re: Sanity check - Tape retention period

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:40 pm

First, I wonder did you apply retention changes to all existing media or only to new tapes (if you don’t remember you could create your existing media pool from scratch and re add marked as free media - it might do you more good). That might be the reason why you have some space left. Additionally, the append to tape happens only with the last tape in the media set (check the sequence number in the media pool view).

As Vladimir said, once the last tape in the media set is offline - a new media set is started anyway, so previously used tape is no longer appendable. If you want to export media on a weekly/daily basis – its might be better to use a create media set daily at option plus tape job export functionality.

And here is a link to our almighty Helpcenter: Creating Custom Media Pools
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Re: Sanity check - Tape retention period

Veeam Logoby nunciate » Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:04 pm

I have to get in on this one because I have the same issue with duplicate data being written to tape. The way Veeam handles tape out for incremental data is a horrible waste of tape space.
In a real world restoration most people would agree that an incremental older than a week is pretty useless on tape unless you really need the ability to do a point in time restore from tape.
A restore from tape in a disaster situation means I would want the last full backup (weekly) and every incremental up to the current or most recent date (daily). In our situation we would only restore incremental data from tape if we needed a full restore up to the last backup that ran. That is why we send our weekly backups offsite for a month and our daily backups for a week. We keep the extra fulls offsite for the just in case scenario but the most important backups are really the most recent full and incremental backups. We keep local disk for a month as well as that is our quick way to get point in time restores.

This is a pretty common setup so I am not sure why you all chose to force folks to store incremental on tape for the same time retention as our disk backups.

I use LTO6 Tapes, have 4 drives and 4 daily media pools. My incremental backups rarely fill the 2.4Tb that the tapes can hold so I am pretty much wasting a tape or 2 sending that many offsite each day.
If I change my retention on tape to 30 days to match my disk retention that means I will be sending 4 tapes offsite 5 days a week. I will not see those tapes back for a full month and they will barely be used. That is over 80 tapes which are basically wasted money. I also send off about 25 tapes for each weekly full from the weekends. Those stay offsite for 1 month as well except the last week of the month they go off for 3 years. As you can see we use up quite a few tapes.

I would love to see a separate retention on tape that isn't tied to my disk backup retention in any way. It just doesn't make sense.

Edit: One other thing. I was about to switch my daily media pools to a monthly retention and set the option to always continue the media set. My thought was I could at least send my tapes offsite for 7 days, then bring them back and have Veeam append data while leaving the previous backups in place. That way over time I could possibly fill up the tape and let data expire off normally. Sounds like that isn't an option either if you can't append a tape after it has been marked as offsite, even if you put it back in the library and it shows online. Again that doesn't make much sense to me.
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