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Re: Tape retention policy and incomplete chains

Post by lyapkost » Sep 22, 2017 9:26 am 1 person likes this post

Ronald, we have many feature requests but our resources are limited. Your point is quite clear. We will consider implementing such logic in one of our future releases. Thanks.

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Re: Tape retention policy and incomplete chains

Post by IHeartCats » Sep 22, 2017 4:04 pm

Samba222 wrote:It sounds so amateurish ".... works in your case" ... where is the problem to implement the same logic from disk for tape? I thought this is an enterprise product?!
Everytime my colleges ask me why i set the tape retention to 10 weeks, i have to say: ok, i need only 8 weeks retention but there is no logic for dependencies for tape backup rotations... and they are laughing...
I don't understand why backup to disk uses the number of restore points as a measure (Meaning we often have to keep more than the calendar amount we need just incase we run 1 or 2 extra backups) when tapes use a calendar based system.

Wouldn't it be best to only use the number of restore points or the calendar system across both (With similar retention logic as the incremental use on disk) by default. Maybe let the user choose which system or to mix modes.

All most people care about is "how many days/weeks/months" can we go back. It takes a bit of explaining to say "we keep 10 restore points, which is 10 days on disk as scheduled but it could be one hour on disk if someone runs the backup 10 times manually by accident"


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