Using tape as a backup target
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Windows Agent Job Not Backing Up to Tape

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Support ticket: 03595678.

We have an archive server that is being backed up using the Windows Agent. Unlike standard ESXi VM backups that point to one repository; the Archive server points to a unique repository. Backups are working properly, so we know this is not a permission issue, but when we try to back up either the archive backup job (or the archive repository), the job errors out saying "failed to detect backup files to copy..." Looking at the logs, it looks like the tape job is looking in the wrong repository, and for a backup file that is over 2 months old and no longer exists. Guessing there is something stale in the SQL tables that needs to be cleaned out. Hopefully support can help get this back on track! All other backup to tape jobs are working fine.

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Re: Windows Agent Job Not Backing Up to Tape

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please understand that the forum does not replace support. Please continue working together with support.

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