Backup failure due to error in prior incremental.

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Backup failure due to error in prior incremental.

Veeam Logoby premeau » Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:18 pm

My whole system backup was failing for because of an error in one of the previous incremental backups. I backup to a Linux agent CIFS share on my Veam Server (with the plan to make that location a VBR repository when that is supported by the Linux agent).

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[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |Retrieved less bytes from the storage [0] than required [4096]. Offset: [110804992]. File: [<redacted>_2016-08-21T070052.vib].
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |--tr:Failed to retrieve V4 data block. Block offset: [110804992]. Compressed size: [3858]. Original size: [11219].
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |--tr:Failed to retrieve restore block [0] for file [summary.xml].
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |--tr:Failed to read block [0] from restore point
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |--tr:Next asynchronous read request cannot be processed.
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |--tr:Asynchronous data reader has failed.
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |--tr:Failed to process conveyored task.
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |Failed to restore file from local backup. VFS link: [summary.xml]. Target file: [MemFs://RestoreText_{10365f87-c36e-4bb5-9aea-b6ddf7fcfbd8}]. CHMOD mask: [-1].
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |Agent failed to process method {DataTransfer.RestoreText}.
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |--tr:Backup client has failed to execute command.
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |--tr:Failed to restore text.
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |Backup job has failed.
[26.08.2016 11:35:05] <3077802864> lpbcore| >>  |An exception was thrown from thread [-1217164432].

I was able to get a "successful" backup by moving the named backup file out of the repository, which generated warnings during the backup, but allowed the process to proceed. (I still need to test to confirm the backup image is restorable.)

Is there a command that can check the backup file integrity? Is this something that can/will be self recoverable in the future?
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Re: Backup failure due to error in prior incremental.

Veeam Logoby vmniels » Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:03 am

Currently it is not possible however it is noted and we'll see if we can add this in v1. Did the previous incremental job run succesful?
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