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Again: Backup of large physical disk >64TB

Post by ancr »

Hi all

Environment: Physical Windows (file) server with 1 internal volume running ReFS (22 disks - RAID6) at 200 TB. Right now approx. 21 million files at 110TB used

Found several forum discussions regarding backup of bigger disks due to VSS limit at 64 TB and no answers unless running on external storage and using storage snapshot. In this case that cannot be done.

I have tried Veeam VBR NAS backup which works fine - but the price is 23 times bigger than 1 VBR licens with 10 clients 💰💰💰

Anyone with a a backup solution on a such a configuration avoiding VSS snapshot (open files not an issue) ?


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Re: Again: Backup of large physical disk >64TB

Post by HannesK »

Veeam agent for Windows requires VSS. VSS snapshot maximum is 64TB.

The only way with Veeam is NAS backup or you reduce the size of the volume to less than 64TB. That would also have the advantage of parallel processing (which is "per volume")

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