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Backup Troubles - Laptop

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We are trying to back up user workstations using Veeam Agent (aroung 70 computers with Workstation Licence), we are using a Backup Repository as target, Veeam v11 (upgrade to v12 planned for July).

For desktop PCs, there is no problem as we can schedule tasks and automatically shut down the PCs. As for "Active Full" backups, they work fine because PCs perform them over the last day (Friday).

The major issues arise with laptops used for remote work. To connect to the server, the VPN needs to be active, and users always launch it since it is also required for internal software. However, laptops may not necessarily be turned on during the night or on weekends.

How can we avoid having only partial backups? We have encountered several cases where the differential backups accumulate (over 70 of them!).

What is the recommended procedure for this type of backup? Should we ask for user interaction in this case?
We dont want to have a "full" each time, it could take too much time.

We just need a backup a day, 7 differential backup and 1 full.

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Re: Backup Troubles - Laptop

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Hi Yathus

You can leverage backup cache if your users don't have permanent connection to the backup repository server. ... tml?ver=60

When there is no connection, the backup gets written to a local folder on the laptop. As soon there is a connection to the backup server, the restore point in the cache gets uploaded to the backup server.
Please note, with backup cache, you can only restore from those restore points after the upload from the cache was successful.

A full backup every week is not required. You can use forever forward Incremental backup chains. Just disable the full backup.

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