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Create Recovery Media - include hardware drivers

Post by robnicholsonmalt »

When you run Create Recovery Media from a workstation protected by B&R server you get options to include network connections and hardware drivers:


However, if you create ISO from the B&R console, you don't get these options. Why the discrepancy and what options does creating recovery ISO from B&R console have enabled?


The reason I ask is that I've never been able to restore my Windows 10 workstation from the repository. If restores fine but then won't boot with this error:


In another post, there was a comment about using the recovery media from a different machine hence the reason for me asking about this difference in recovery media creation.
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Re: Create Recovery Media - include hardware drivers

Post by Dima P. »

Hello Rob,

System drivers are collected automatically but you may need to load network or storage drivers while you are booting from the media. Please raise a support case and let our team investigate the debug logs - they can provide a clear picture on why machine is not booting. Do not forget to share the case ID with us. Thank you!
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Re: Create Recovery Media - include hardware drivers

Post by Gostev »

Judging on the name kdnic.sys the BSOD is due to a wrong network card driver?
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